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Image: DJITech giant DJI has provided a detailed response lớn legislation that seeks lớn ban its drones in the US. If passed, the “Countering CCP Drones Act” would prevent operators from buying the latest DJI drones — and may also potentially ground existing fleets, regardless of how operators use them — because it would prohibit DJI from operating on US communications infrastructure. The bill has already advanced khổng lồ clear a Congress committee hearing.

Bạn đang xem: Bán drone camera

What is DJI saying?

Stressing that the bill damages not just DJI, but also the broader ecosystem of operators, businesses, & public safety agencies that rely on its technologies, the drone maker explains lawmakers pushing the legislation are using baseless claims and geopolitically-disguised ploys to eliminate it from the marketplace.

“The lawmakers driving this legislation continue to reference inaccurate và unsubstantiated allegations regarding DJI’s operations, & have amplified xenophobic narratives in a quest to support local drone manufacturers & eliminate market competition,” DJI says on its official blog.

The company points out that it has been instrumental in the development of the US drone ecosystem, và has also invested heavily in data privacy and security initiatives. “Nevertheless, we support the development of US drone manufacturing as we believe that competition và innovation go hand in hand, & benefit over users the most,” DJI says.

As such, the company believes that the government’s focus should be on developing a set of industry standards or guidelines that raise the bar on security for all manufacturers, and not target innovators simply because of their country of origin.

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Debunking the claims behind the proposed drone ban

Here’s the detailed response from DJI on the claims outlined in the “Countering CCP Drones Act”…

Allegation: “DJI drones are collecting vast amounts of sensitive data – everything from high-resolution images of critical U.S. Infrastructure to facial recognition technology and remote sensors that can measure an individual’s body temperature & heart rate.”

DJI’s take: DJI drones vì chưng not collect flight logs, photos, or videos – by default. Operators have lớn opt-in to nội dung this data with us, and those who want khổng lồ take extra precautions can easily choose khổng lồ activate Local Data Mode (and even switch on their mobile’s ‘airplane mode’) for added peace of mind. This means the flight tiện ích is completely disconnected from the internet và is similar to an air-gapped computer. 

To add, DJI has not advised the use of drones lớn measure body toàn thân temperature nor heart rate. Several novel use cases of drones were explored by the industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to support public safety & emergency response operations. Measuring body temperature via drone was one such application, but we communicated that it was not advisable. As for drones measuring heart rates, this was an issue involving a different drone manufacturer; DJI was not involved in this demo application. 

Allegation: “DJI can be compelled by governments lớn assist in espionage.”

DJI’s take: DJI follows the rules & regulations in the markets it operates in. Like other global technology companies, there may be requirements for DJI khổng lồ disclose certain information pursuant khổng lồ local laws & regulations where we operate. For example, DJI may need to disclose information if required to bởi vì so in response to lớn a local court order, judicial or other government subpoena, warrant or enforceable request.

Xem thêm: Iphone 5S Bị Lỗi Camera Sau Và Đèn Flash, Iphone 5S Lỗi Camera Sau Chụp Hình Không Được

Upon receipt of such an order, DJI’s policy is to nhận xét the request to check if it meets legal requirements for disclosure. Part of that requirement is that the disclosure would only include data that has been shared with DJI within the national jurisdiction of the government agency requesting it. It is important to chú ý that this only applies to lớn data DJI does have access to – as we have said earlier: DJI does not collect flight logs, photos, or videos by default.

Allegation: “DJI is a ‘Chinese Military Company’.”

"DJI drones vày not collect flight logs, photos, or videos – by default"

This statement is not exactly correct - but I think the error is contextual. DJI drones actually capture an astonishing amount of data in their Flight Records as well a video both on the drone & sent to the controller/app and as far as I know, there is no way to disable this because these files are used for various things including verifying a drone fault for DJI Care & showing the user the flight tracking in the controller/app.

However, the flight record data are not sent khổng lồ DJI unless the user permits it by syncing their drone (and not having local data set) and video is never sent. As well, since the Mini 2, flight records are encrypted using AES keys making the data unreadable.

Developers can request a phầm mềm key & this can be used to decrypt flight record files, but the user would have to lớn provide them, and the tiện ích has khổng lồ request the actual decryption keys from the DJI servers - but this is done by sending the encrypted keys lớn their server & getting back decrypted keys - no user data is sent.

I"m writing a new flight planning tool called Flight
CAD™ and am in the process of porting DJI"s Flight
Parsing Lib from C++ khổng lồ C# và I"ve read through all the code.

DJI’s take: This is false. DJI is not a military company. We remain one of few drone companies khổng lồ clearly denounce và actively discourage the use of our drones in combat. DJI does not manufacture military-grade equipment, nor does it pursue business opportunities for combat use or operations. In fact, our distributors, resellers, and other business partners have committed lớn following this policy when they sell and use our products. They understand that we will terminate our business relationship with them if they cannot adhere khổng lồ this commitment.

Allegation: “DJI supports human rights abuses.”

DJI’s take: This is also false. DJI has not engaged in any activities that violate or abuse human rights. Just lượt thích other manufacturers, we bởi not have control over how our products are used as they are available off-the-shelf. However, we have demonstrated – through years of investments in hàng hóa safety và security initiatives – that our products are developed for peaceful & civilian use only.