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This all-weather Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash 800 Single Use Waterproof Camera is ready for adventure. It"s ideal for shooting outdoors in wet & snowy conditions and is waterproof khổng lồ a depth of 17 feet! Camera features a larger-sized shutter release for easy operation & is pre-loaded with Fujicolor 35mm 800 speed màu sắc film for 27 exposures. A handy wrist strap is included.
Warranty Terms - LaborWarranty Terms - PartsWaterproofModelShipping By Air ProhibitedDescription 4 (Warranty Information)Advertised OriginMax ISOPackage Capacity/VolumeBrandPackage WidthPackage WeightPackage DepthCare InformationPackage HeightPackage Length
90 days
spot clean

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Every Analog camera comes with a unique QR code which you"ll scan to lớn register your camera. After that, your authentic disposable camera is ready khổng lồ go. An Analog is the perfect companion for every day life or your next adventure.
When your Analog is filled with memories, just mail it back to us in the prepaid mailer included with your purchase. Have you been wondering how to lớn get disposable camera pictures digital? Other methods of processing disposable cameras are simply outdated. That"s why we created an easier, cheaper, & faster way to lớn develop & share your film.
We take high chất lượng scans of your film và send the pictures straight lớn the email used during Step 1. This is how you get disposable camera pictures onto your phone in a digital format. Let’s get your disposable camera to lớn digital photos so you can start sharing! It is THAT easy to download and nội dung your film photos khổng lồ social media!

Absolutely loved everything about my experience with Analog. So well priced, such a fun little extra to document our trip, so easy khổng lồ send back, & so awesome that they send you digital prints. Genius! Will definitely order again.

For a long time I was taking disposable cameras everywhere I went and it was always a hassle to lớn get them developed at the camera store down the street. Had to wait a couple days & it was always expensive. Analog has cut waiting times và reduced my costs by about 25-50% depending on where I took my old cameras. It"s a dream.Read more about For a long time I was taking

Wow, I’m obsessed with this company. It’s such an incredibly genius idea và they make it SO easy! I just got my photos back & they’re beautiful, I’m seriously so stoked on them! Already purchasing another camera & telling all my friends

Disposable cameras have the power to lớn lift moods, create genuine smiles và return users to lớn a simpler time. We don"t think an tiện ích on your phone can replace that.

Somewhere along the line, disposable cameras got way too expensive. Film photography is for everyone and we wanted our prices to lớn reflect that.

The film development process is outdated. Analog is a full service disposable camera company that includes development and digital scans with the purchase of your camera. The amount of searches for “how to lớn get disposable camera pictures digital” & “disposable camera khổng lồ digital” were outrageous! We knew we had to vày something about it.

Get more, for less. Analog costs $27 because we INCLUDE development, send digital scans straight lớn your phone, and always give you không tính tiền shipping.

Our disposable cameras use authentic 400ISO 35mm film, come with a reliable flash, 27 exposures, và are offered in four beautiful designs. Did we mention you finally get pictures sent straight khổng lồ your phone?

Send us your used disposable camera or 35mm film.No more searches for “how lớn get disposable camera pictures digital” & “disposable camera to digital” Analog is here khổng lồ make all of your disposable camera dreams come true.