UK /ˈɔːbɪt/noun1. The curved path of a celestial object or spacecraft round a star, planet, or moon, especially a periodic elliptical revolutionthe Earth"s orbit around the sun▪one complete circuit round an orbited bodythe satellite will complete one orbit every 12 hours▪ (mass noun) the state of moving in an orbitthe earth is in orbit around the sun▪the path of an electron round an atomic nucleus2. An area of activity, interest, or influenceaudiences drawn largely from outside the party orbit3. (Anatomy) the cavity in the skull of a vertebrate that contains the eye; the eye socket▪the area round the eye of a bird or other animalverb

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Word forms: orbits, orbiting, orbited (with object) 1. (of a celestial object or spacecraft) move in orbit round (a star or planet)Mercury orbits the Sun2. (no object) move in a circlethe discs spun & orbited slowly3. Put (a satellite) into orbit
France has been orbiting satellites with her own launcher


into orbit

word origin

late Middle English (in orbit (sense 3 noun) ): partly via French from Latin orbita ‘course, track’ (in medieval Latin ‘eye socket’), feminine of orbitus ‘circular’, from orbis ‘circle, sphere’

into orbit

orbit noun (informal) into a state of heightened activity, anger, or excitementhis goal sent the fans into orbit
The noise had sent the stadium into orbit and Dublin just needed another score or two khổng lồ fix Tyrone with a stare và make them think that losing was a possibility.British
Any compliment she would give him in the past would send him into orbit.North American
If you are an aficionado of Spanish wines, the danh mục here will send you into orbit.North American
We just about went into orbit when they came up with a better figure than ours.New Zealand

polar orbit

nouna satellite orbit that passes over polar regions, especially one whose plane contains the polar axisan amateur radio satellite in a polar orbit(mass noun) the agency maintains four satellites, two in polar orbit
By 2001 those satellites (flying in polar orbits & geosynchronous orbits) were equipped not only with cameras but with a range of sensors that employed the latest infrared technology.North American
Depending on your stretch of that definition, a satellite in a perfect polar orbit would pass over each pole once per day & might be called ‘geosynchronous’, but like the time of day at the poles the terminology becomes ambiguous.North American

transfer orbit

nouna trajectory by which a spacecraft can pass from one orbit to another at a higher altitude, especially a geostationary orbit
The satellite will be the first from the country to reach a geostationary transfer orbit.Australian

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To meet market demand, Europe has developed a new version of Ariane 5, capable of placing up khổng lồ 10 tonnes of payload in geostationary transfer orbit.Australian
The two payloads were placed in geostationary transfer orbit.Australian
On board was the largest telecommunications satellite ever to be placed into geostationary transfer orbit.Australian
I"ve been using i
Clone for only a short while, but am really starting khổng lồ get into it & there is something that has really bothered me from the very beginning. I find it really, really hard khổng lồ get the camera lớn be positioned where I want it because the orbit tool always rotates around the selected object when what I really want is a way lớn simply rotate the camera in-place. Orbiting around an object has its uses, but is certainly not the mặc định behavior I would like to see when I"m trying to lớn get the camera into a certain position và angle. I know there must be some other tool or hotkey or whatever that should let me vị this, but I can"t find it.


OK, so I"ve figured out that I can at least rotate the camera in-place by clicking và holding the up/down arrows of the z-axis property. That"s a lot better than trying to lớn position the camera with orbit. However, shouldn"t there be a simple way to vày this by dragging the mouse in the viewport? Why not have another camera control option in the drop-down with Orbit & Roll?

Hi Scott, there are two little known keys that will allow you to do that, "n" & "m" . N is for walk mode but if will allow you rotate the camera with orbiting around an object just by moving the mouse. Once you have the angle you lượt thích press the esc key. M does the same. Another thing you can vì chưng with the N key is move around the 3d world in first person mode using the wasd keys while moving the mouse. Lớn get out of that mode use the esc key again. M is similar to lớn the N but instead of walking you can fly in first person mode.Hope this helped,Stuckon3d
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Thanks for the tip. That helps alot. I would still prefer a button lớn set the mode, but this is near enough.

Hi.. Lượt thích tscott I have been trying to lớn find a way khổng lồ get into pan and tilt mode in the camera controls.. Whilst trying out the various suggestions in this thread I have found out that if one selects the camera in use in the scene manager box bingo the x và c keys let one use the mouse khổng lồ pan & tilt... I agree it would be better to have a hot key to select the camera being used at the time.. Ideally the v key... But in the meantime it seems the select tool is the best wishes from a rainy old UK..PS.. A little moan... Where is it best khổng lồ post with these kinds of requests/ideas? I have posted in the wishes but my wishes seem khổng lồ just sit there & I get no indication as lớn whether they are good ideas, bad ideas,possible, impossible, somewhere in between, already available (look here) etc...